Dry Salt Halotherapy is for every horse, not just those with known respiratory or skin conditions. A consistent regimen of salt therapy a few times a week can keep your horse healthy and prevent respiratory infection and keep the lungs in optimal shape.

Regardless of discipline a better breathing horse is going to perform better, period.

Halotherapy is not just a hot new trend. While “salt spas” are opening all across the United States and around the world, Halotherapy has been proven to relieve both respiratory and skin ailments in humans for over 150 years, originating from the salt caves of Eastern Europe.

Equine athletic trainers throughout Australia, the United Kingdom and most recently the United States are continuing to report outstanding outcomes utilizing all natural dry salt therapy treatments on their horses.

Respiratory Conditions Addressed:

Thins and helps clear mucus – salt is a natural decongestant
Prevents race day mucus issues
Prevents and reduces likelihood of bacterial infections of the lungs – travel sickness, unclean barns and hay
Kills bacteria, soothes and improve overall respiratory health
Increases stamina from better cardio vascular efficiency
Reduces recovery time
Improves ability to hydrate
Helps heal and minimize bleeding related to EIPH
IAD – Inflammatory Airway Disease
LAD – Lower Airway Disease
AAD – Allergic Airway Disease
RAO – Recurrent Airway Obstruction, COPD aka Heaves
Sinusitis and environmental allergies

Skin Conditions Addressed:

Sweet Itch
Skin Rashes
Summer Sores