Originally designed for astronauts to help with bone health, whole body vibration therapy is meant to reduce pain, improve flexibility, and increase the range of motion, circulation, muscle coordination, balance and stability.

The EquiVibe allows for an immediate increase in blood flow to the muscles and surrounding tissues. What this does is speed up the recovery process following injuries and reduced soreness from training. Getting maximized blood flow to the problem area will aid in flushing out toxins and metabolic waste products as well as providing all of the oxygen and nutrients necessary for a faster recovery.

During rehab a horse may be unable to exercise, a decrease in bone density is likely to occur. However, this may be prevented with the use of EquiVibe vertical vibration therapy, which provides significant stimulus to the bones and helps prevent loss of bone density during prolonged periods of inactivity. Also, for horses in confinement, it is beneficial for them to receive muscle vibration and stimulation for a lack of exercise.

EquiVibe Therapy works well for both young horses and horses in need of rehab. The vibration is proven to increase bone density and circulation while at the same time reducing muscle soreness and inflammation. For young horses, especially racehorses, the EquiVibe helps with bone density by stimulating the periosteum to lay down more bone. The vibration therapy also promotes faster hoof growth which can be very helpful in the management of chronic laminitis, under-run heels, or thin soles.


Reduce Pain
Improve Circulation
Improve flexibility, range of motion, circulation, balance and more
Quicker recovery from soft tissue damage and hoof problems
Improve bone density